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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Frisco! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Frisco, TX. If you are looking for a wildlife removal service that ensures that you get the very best service each and every time and guarantees their work, then you have come to the right place. We provide service for both residential and commercial properties, and are able to handle almost any wildlife problem you may have. No animal is either too big or too small for us. It doesn't matter whether you have one individual animal who is a nuisance or if you have a large colony, we are ready to assist you. For over a decade we have provided premium service to the area, and have been ranked as the #1 wildlife removal service in the area in each of the last three years. Our technicians are highly trained, and has decades of experience between them. We use state-of-the-art techniques to wild animals that are not inhumane or dangerous to you and your family. You will find that our rates are less than what most charge in the area and we provide the very best service. We have technicians that are available 24 hours a day, so call us if you have an emergency and we will have a professional over to assist you right away. Call us now at 469-663-2462 for your Frisco wildlife control needs.

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Frisco Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Learning All About Where Texas Bats Love to Live!

Bats have the capacity to live in a diverse setting across the US. The place where they live will depend upon the species of the Frisco bats and the season (whether it is nesting or hibernating season). In order to survive, the bats will need to have an immediate access to their basic needs such as a huge amount of insects that they can eat and an ample water source. The place where they hunt insect is referred to as foraging habitat. Bats will also require a safe roosting ground, a place where they can raise their young ones and a secured area to hibernate.

Bats in the Urban Settings

The habitat of the Texas bat is referred to as roost. There are different conditions that should be met in order for a roost to be suitable for bats. Oftentimes, the bats have to fly hundreds of miles to change their roost depending on the time of the year. During the summer, the female bats will have a maternity colony and will travel to their hibernation roost during the winter season. 

In the other place, the bats have evolved to survive in the urban jungle. They have successfully adapted to roost on bridges, tunnels, houses, and barns. In case you noticed, the old structures (especially those that come with high ceilings such as churches) have experienced an influx of bat colony that returns on a yearly basis. Their prominence in the urban setting is probably due to the loss in habitat. The bats as well as their roost are protected under the law. You are not in any ways allowed to disturb their habitat without carrying the necessary license and permits and without getting the appropriate advice. 

Frisco Caves

Bats need a secured place where they can rest during the day. Caves provide an ideal shelter for them where they can thrive. Once they hang on the highest point of the cave’s ceiling, they will be completely out of reach of the predators. Most of the time, the colony of the bats will be composed of millions of bats. It is also a way to save energy. The bats hibernate in cave due to the fact that it provides an optimal level of humidity. It also has a stable temperature and a minimum level of noise and light that may disturb their hibernation period. 

The temperature is extremely important since bats are known as warm-blooded Texas creature. Compared to other mammals, they will have to allow their temperature to drop while they are resting. They will have to go on a condition of inactivity in order to conserve their energy. With their unique adaptation, they can hang in that position in the cave for months without using too much amount of energy.

These are some reason why you will normally find the Frisco bats roosting in high areas. They are small creatures that will have to look for a place that is beyond the reach of their attackers. In case they invaded your house, you will find them in your chimney, attic, or in your barn.