Common Access Points Pigeons Use to Enter YOUR Texas Home! Learn Which Ones to Keep Them Out

When you are doing a DIY pigeon exclusion method, you will need to determine first the possible access point of the Frisco pigeon before you can guarantee that they won’t be able to enter our house again. You will first have to look at the places that are pigeon friendly and determine if there are possible holes that the pigeons can use as access point. 

The Areas of Your House that Pigeons can Enter Through

After they learned how easy it is to survive if they move closer to Texas humans, the pigeons have developed a strong bond with the humans that often result to a conflict. They will invade our houses and cause severe damages. In order to prevent them from gaining an access to our house, we will try to restrict the common areas that they use as entry points. Here are some of them

The Frisco Chimney

The chimney is an excellent place to build the nest and raise their Texas young chicks. It offers the ideal temperature and it is concealed which mimics the ambiance of the cave. Our chimney also has ledges that provide a roosting ground for the pigeons. In order to prevent them from using this entry point, you can install a chimney cap or bird spikes. 

Opening on the Ceiling

In case there are openings found in our ceiling, the pigeons can take advantage of it and will use this as an access point. The pigeons are clever creature and they are aware on the treats that await them once they successfully gain an access inside our house. The ceiling is usually beyond our reach that allows them to thrive without being disturbed. In the event that you don’t want them anywhere near your ceiling, you will have to locate the main entry point that they are using.

Broken Window

When your window contains ledges, the Texas pigeons can use this as their roosting place. You will have to assess the condition of your window since they can fly straight to our window that can break it. Once broken, they can use the hole to enter our house. You will have to conduct a periodic evaluation on the condition of your window especially if you usually notice a dead pigeon close to your window.

Roof Opening

For the pigeons found in our attic, they are probably accessing our house through the opening in our roof. This is a serious condition and you will have to deal with this problem immediately. They can block our ventilation, spread diseases, corrode the construction materials in our attic, etc. Find the opening at once and conduct repairs by installing wire mesh or bird nettings in the hole.

These are just some of the possible access point that the Frisco pigeons can use to invade our houses. For those who live in a community with a high level of pigeon activity, be sure to execute a routine assessment of your house to ensure that the pigeons will remain outside.

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