Do All Frisco Raccoons Have Rabies? How to Tell 100%!

Raccoons, like the Frisco bats, skunks, and foxes are known as a potential carrier of rabies. While it may be true that other warm-blooded animals may carry rabies, the raccoons are classified as RVS or those who are on a high risk. A rabid raccoon can only last in a matter of 3 days after being infected with the virus. If you are unlucky and you were bitten within those three days, seek immediate post-exposure assistance. Not all raccoons are carrier of rabies. In fact, we rarely hear reports about the case of human infected with the rabies after having a direct contact with a raccoon.

How Do You Determine if the Raccoon Is Rabid?

There are various signs that will help you identify a Texas raccoon that has been infected with rabies. However it is highly possible that all symptoms will not manifest. Some people will think that a raccoon that is active during the day time will have virus. However, this is not the usual case. Normally, the mother raccoon will be active during the daytime especially when foraging foods for her young ones. 

Look for a raccoon that has an aggressive and agitated behavior. Raccoons will normally fear human but the rabid Frisco creature will carelessly attack humans. They can also chew their limbs. They may show minimum response to the noises and movement around them. You may also notice that they have a wet discharge on their eyes and nose. Be sure that you will stay away from the raccoon that shows these symptoms.

The Risks Associated with Rabies

The rabies virus will directly attack our nervous system. This virus can be transmitted to Texas humans through scratches and bites of infected animals such as dogs, cats, and coons. The virus will penetrate our nerves and will reach our brain. This will then cause an inflammation that will ultimately result to death. During the early stage, the person affected with the virus may show similar signs of different diseases. This may include fatigue, headache, and fever. As it progress to a later stage, the person affected will experience hallucination and partial paralysis.

The virus is dangerous to Texas humans due to the fact that it is sometimes asymptomatic. When you experience some signs of infection, it will probably be too late to seek medical help. This is why we often advised our reader to get medical attention even from an insignificant scratch from a potential carrier of virus such as raccoon. 

In case you suspect that the raccoon in your Frisco attic is a carrier of rabies, removing them can be quite dangerous. This is due to the health threat and unpredictability of their action. During this time, scaring them will not work since they no longer fear the presence of human. In addition, they will hardly notice the presence of sound and movement around them. You best solution is to employ the assistance of the wildlife removal company. They have the complete knowledge, experience and equipment to securely handle your issues.

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