Top 4 Ways to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Frisco House - #2 Will Surprise You!

Perhaps the best way to prevent the Frisco squirrel from entering your house is to seal all the possible entry points. However, it will not be that easy. In some cases, you will have to seal them when they are already inside your house. You will have to observe them for a couple of days to determine their access point. You will also have to observe their habit in order to conduct the proper action. 

Ways to Get Rid of the Squirrels

During the cold winter and the breeding season, the Texas squirrel prefers to find a warm place that is ideal to raise their kittens. Our house would be an excellent location for them. Once they made it inside, getting them out would be a challenging process. Fortunately, there are some preventative measures that you can do to keep them outside.

Hide Your Frisco Food

The squirrels are lurking around your house simply because there is something that attracting their attention. This attractant will likely be a food source. You cannot blame the squirrel from being attracted on an item that will help them survive. In case you live in the wooded areas with lots of acorn trees, you will have to be diligent in clearing the ground of the fallen acorns to prevent the squirrel from invading your yard and looking for food. This will also prevent them from considering your property as their hibernation ground. Also, make sure that the squirrels will not have the capacity to dig in to your trash bins.

Adopt a Dog

A dog will be an excellent companion. At the same time, it can also guard your house against the unwanted guests such as Texas squirrels. In case a squirrel is bold enough to invade your yard, it won’t be too long until the dog chase them away. Chasing these squirrels would be a perfect exercise for your furry friend. Dogs will not only chase squirrels, they will also ensure that your property is free from other rodents and critters.

Do Not Feed Them

While we understand that the squirrel looks adorable, you should not feed them. Otherwise, they will choose to stay in your property. Some people are feeding them hoping that they will not destroy their vegetable garden. If you choose to provide them with an alternative source of food, be sure that you will place it away from your property. 

Keep Your Birdfeeders Protected

Squirrels love to attack our birdfeeders for a free supply of Texas food. Their amazing acrobatic and climbing ability allows them to get to the foods that are out of their reach. Avoid placing your feeders near the tree. As an alternative, you may put it on the pole. You should also use a squirrel guard that will prevent the squirrels from climbing the pole.

These are just some of the best ways to keep the squirrels outside your Frisco house. By doing these preventative measures, you can ensure that these nuisance creatures will not stay in your property. 

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